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  Đối với Xiaomi redmi Note 4 thì đã từng được xem smartphone quốc dân từ khi nó có mặt tại Việt Nam, phải nói là có số lượng người dùng cực kỳ đông dù bây giờ không còn nhiều như thế nữa do đã có 1 con máy smartphone quốc dân khác, nên phải nói là dòng  máy này có lượng rom của các lập trình viên là cực kỳ nhiều, không dài dòng đôi câu nào nữa, Sau đây là tổng hợp các rom dành cho em nó tại thời điểm tháng 01.2019 và bài viết này sẽ đưcọ update thường xuyên trong tháng 1 này:

1. MSM Xtended Pie XP4 Release v8 MIDO Official

 - Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 01.01.2019
 - Changelogs :-

1) Added SmartNavBar Options -
a) SmartBar
b) Fling
c) AOSP (Pie NavBar)
2) Added Pulse Visualizer Options for all NavBars -
a) Lava Lamp & Customizations
b) Fadding Bars & Customizations
3) Added Pixel Button Animation Customizations for All NavBars
4) Added Font Manager
5) Added Kill Button for Notification Guts
6) Added Rounded Corners & Padding Settings
7) Added QS Brightness Buttons
8) Added More Charging Symbols ($,+,*, etc) for Text Battery
9) Added Power Menu Transparency Options
10) Added 22 New Accents
11) Added App Circle Bar
12) Added Pie
13) Added Battery Full Charge Warning Options (from DU)
14) Added new Equalizer
15) Added OmniDisplay Manager (Color Calib) [Not Available on All Devices]
16) Added GPU Renderer Settings in Dev Options
17) Added Auto Start Music Player on BT/Headset Connect Options
18) Added Unlink Ring/Notification Volume
19) Fixed QS Header glitch
20) Fixed Dialer SearchBar glitch
21) Fixed lags during games through FrameworksBoost
22) Fixed some issues of Notifications LED
23) Fixed Network Traffic Options for Notch Devices
24) Fixed Theme issues on full treble devices
25) Removed StatusBar Weather for now

*Fixed Cast
*Added Advance Controls In  Xtensions==Misc
*Added Xiaomi Shit In Settings==Systems

Rom Link : Xtended-mido-20190101-XP4-OFFICIAL-Release-v8.5.zip

2. BootleggersROM 4.0-1 STABLE

- Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 02.01.2019
 - Changelogs :
Device Side stuff
* Dealt with lag on first boot
* HW key customization is back
* Switched to Leviathan Kernel (kcal , sound control and all the goodies are there)
* Offline charging works fine now.

ROM Side stuff
* Ambient Music Ticker
* Ambient Visualizer
* Adjustable Padding for corners

Link: BootleggersROM-Pie4mido.4.0-Stable-Shishufied-20190102.zip

3. Syberia OS

- Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 02.01.2019
 - Changelogs :
- Added GPU boosting to PowerHAL config
- Droped QCOM boostframework in favor of Pixel 2 like Setup
  Now GPU & CPUBW boosting is handled by PowerHAl
- Switched to Pixel 2 perf stack
- Added msm_irqbalance to improve EAS powerhal
- Reduced wakeup delay

Link: syberia_mido-v2.1-20190105-1427-OFFICIAL.zip

4. Havoc-OS build by Double A

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Havoc-OS
  - Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 07.01.2019
 - Changelogs :
* Added Switch appearance styles.
* Added crash log button to App Error Dialog.
* Added Round Corners frameworks value toggle.
* Added Sound search tile.
* Added Ambient music ticker.
* Added Stock Recents icon pack support.
* Fixed small QS tiles in landscape mode.
* Added QS layout menu in QS customizer.
* Added QS themes.
* Added Network traffic location.
* Fixed text size for network traffic type.
* Improved Network traffic.
* Improved Face unlock.
* Improved Lockscreen weather.
* Fixed Proximity check on wake.
* Added QS panel opacity.
* Added a New year's surprise.

Device specific:
* Switch SELinux to enforcing.
* Switch to Snap as default camera.
* Implement WDF services to fix Miracast.
* Fixed AOD.
* Fixed network drop.
* Fixed Random MAC address issue with WiFi.
* Update SoundPicker.
* Fixed data SIM reset on reboot.
* Update Radio properties to Pie.
* Update Ramdisk To Pie.
* Update Bluetooth blobs To Pie.
* Enable notification light while charging.
* Updated ACDB.
* Fixed Goodix reset on every reboot.
* Enable multicolor battery LED.
* Fixed memory leaks.
* Add FM radio.
* Fixed wake-up delay. @lilblinx.
* Improved FP response time.
* Updated Perf and Peripheral Manager To Pie.
* Updated QMI blobs To Pie.
* Updated IMS, radio and modem blobs To Pie.
* Updated Health services to 2.0.
* Updated Thermal Sensor blobs To Pie.
* Add power off alarm blobs.
* Updated All Properties To Pie.
* Fixed lags while screen recording.
* Fixed camera issues with Google Lens and Face Unlock.
* Update Adaptive Brightness values from Pixel 3.
* Enable fingerprint authentication vibration.
* Updated audio configurations from LA.UM.7.6.r1-03400.
* Updated Peripheral manager to Pie.
* Fixed GPS and BT issues.
* Added Xiaomi Addons.
* Kernel upstreamed to 3.18.131.
* Multiple CAF upstreams.
* And a ton of improvements and tiny fixes.

Link: Havoc-OS-v2.0-20190107-mido-Unofficial.zip

5. PixelExperience Official

Kết quả hình ảnh cho PixelExperience

- Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 12.01.2019
 - Changelogs :
* Fixed CTS Profile (Safety Check = pass) Banking Apps Should Work Now
* Added Dirac Sound Effects
* Reverted Wake Patch for now
* Many Underhood Changes

Link: PixelExperience_mido-9.0-20190112-0752-OFFICIAL.zip

6. Mokee Unofficial

 - Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 09.01.2019
 - Changelogs:
*Merged latest January 5 security patch
*Updated camera blobs to MIUI V10.1.1.0, thanks zeelog
*Updated heap sizes, thanks Hikari-no-Tenshi
*Fixed few common issues with WFD
*Full system is ODEX-ed
*For further list of ROM related changes, go to http://changelog.mokeedev.com/

Link: MK90.0-mido-201901091608-UNOFFICIAL.zip

7. Liquid Remix  OFFICIAL

 - Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 10.01.2019
 - Changelogs:
General changes :
* January patch
* Ambient visualizer
* Lockscreen aclock and date styles
* Network traffic location
* QS Panel transparency
* Set screenrecord quality from LiquidLounge
* Add default usb configuration
* QS theme
* Framework values for rounded corners
* Switch styles
* Automatic notification style
* One plus dashboard icons
* UI Styles
* Fix screen pinning
* Fix liquid logo not showing
* Fix carrier label not showing
* Fix dts on status bar
* Fix signature spoofing
* Add back auto brightness toggle to qs
* More here : https://del.dog/qimarezayi.coffeescript
Device Specific Changes :
* Shifted to zeelog's trees as base, a huge shoutout to him for his work
* Updated blobs
* Working vilte
* Working cast
* 2nd sim selection as data sim should persist across boot (you have to explicitly select it once from settings > networks > sim card)
* Workaround for slow wake up by @lilblinx
* Several kernel patches from @lilblinx

Link: liquid_remix-10.0.4-20190110-OFFICIAL-mido.zip

8. Pixel Dust Unofficial

- Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 12.01.2019
 - Changelogs:
Initial build*

Link: pixeldust_mido-pie-release-four-20190112-1827.

9. Paranoid Android 9.0 Unofficial 

- Phiên Bản Android: 9.0
 - Ngày xuất bản: 12.01.2019
 - Changelogs:
- Initial Build
- Using Englezos kernel by @penglezos
- Permissive Selinux (most of the PA builds are so)
- All the bugs found in testing phase have been squashed

*** Lưu ý: đối vưới rom này có vài diều lưu ý sau khi up rom
+ Đối với ứng dụng thư viện mặc định sẽ không thể phát âm thanh khi tiến hành play 1 file nào đó, có thể sử dụng các apps thư viện ảnh khác như Google Photo,...
+ Khi bật chuyển đổi thanh diều hướng ảo thì vẫn bật được nhưng không tắt được phím điều hướng cứng của điện thoại

Link: pa_mido-PA1-DEV-20190112.zip

Kernel Custom cho Xiaomi Redmi Note 4/ Note 4x (Mido)

1. Ethereal Kernel Release 6

- Phiên bản android được hỗ trợ: Oreo và Pie
- Ngày xuất bản: 04/01/2019
- Changelog:

• Haxx: Fix Wakeup Delay on Pie ROMs (@lilblinx)
• Removed ElementalX and Conservative. Added Electron (Set as Default Now)
• Start Relying on Input Boost to Avoid Micro-Stutters
• Enabled TTL Target / IP Mangle Support
• Omit Auditing from Selinux and Other Places
• Omit A LOT more Debugging Stuff End-Users Won't Ever Utilize
• Omit Some GPU Thermal Limits
• Added Live Printk Toggle Interface
• Anxiety Upstreams
• Enable Support for TCP FastOpen on All Listeners
• Tweak the Slimbus Just a Lil'
• Refresh the Spectrum and FKM Profiles According to New Changes

2. Englezos Kernel ⚡️ r13

Phiên bản android được hỗ trợ: Android 8 & 9 Treble
- Ngày xuất bản: 11/01/2019
- Changelog:
- Rebased the kernel into Pie CAF tag
- Starting prima/caf version will be: LA.UM.7.6.r1-xxx [Already upstreamed to latest]
- All fixes and improvements from AOSP Common Kernel Tree
- All features and fixes from previous versions are included
- Clean up the whole code
- Resolved many errors for inline ROM building [ROM maintainers its good for you]
- input: ft5435: Improved the suspend/resume logic

- Set ZRAM back to 512mb [In order to achieve better memory results for all phone variants]
- Low Memory Killer tune ups
- Adaptive LMK included
- ZRAM upstreams

_File System_
- F2FS upstreams and fixes

- Many improvements on Interactive governor: add correct values for msm8953, more power saving bias
- Add state notifier support
- Add IP Tables TTL support
- Add Adreno Idler back
- Excluded all debugging symbols
- Anykernel2 (kernels zip) upstreams and fixes

3. Leviathan Kernel rc14-5

Phiên bản android được hỗ trợ: Android 8 & 9 Treble
- Ngày xuất bản: 11/01/2019
- Changelog:
Release name :  ʊֆɛʀ_ɖօɛֆ_ռօȶ_ɛӼɨֆȶ or @user_does_not_exist 
-sched/features: Disabled Gentle Fair Sleepers
-msm: mdss: Adding lcd notifier
-msm: mdss: save state of vsync handler
-fs: sync: Avoid calling fdget without fdput 
-tcp:add sociopath 
-some underhood changes

Link: Leviathan+Kernel rc14.5.zip

4, ElectraBlue Kernel 15.0

Phiên bản android được hỗ trợ: Android 8 & 9
- Ngày xuất bản: 11/01/2019
- Changelog:
*Upstreamed to 3.18.32
*Upstreamed to latest CAF tag
*Fingerprint unlock speed improvements
*Display wake-up improvements
*Added Adreno boost

Link: ElectraBlue-15.0-20190113-1815-mido.zip

5. Franco Kernel Unofficial 

Phiên bản android được hỗ trợ: Android 8 & 9 Treble
- Ngày xuất bản: 13/01/2019
- Changelog:
*Upstreamed kernel to the latest v3.18.132
*Improved detection speed and accuracy of headphone jack
*Removed indefinite wakeup on smbcharger to fix battery life a bit
*Disabled a bit of unnecessary logging

Link: fk-r15-anykernel2.zip